Locklear Park (formerly known as Two Lakes Park) will be handicap accessible from the parking area along S. Lockwood Ridge Road. The ramp from the parking lot will lead to a 10' wide boardwalk across a normally dry storm water retention area. The boardwalk leads to a concrete sidewalk that leads to the picnic pavilion and restrooms making them easily accessible by mobility impaired people. There is a second pedestrian access point further south which has steps leading to the soft surfaced trails that wind throughout the park. The nature trails skirt the shoreline of the lakes and meander through the mesic hammock area providing educational opportunities for visiting classes of school children. There are also 3 play areas and a 30' diameter gazebo picnic pavilion making this a very friendly family oriented neighborhood park. These improvements will be a welcome addition to the City-County neighborhood where this park is located.
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Locklear Park arial view
Below is a picture of the restroom
that is planned for our park.
Below is an email conversation between Mr.Mike McLaughlin, Director of Horticulture, Marie Selby Botanical Garden and Mr. Bill Wisniewski, Planner, Sarasota County about our park that we thought would be of interest to our neighbors.
Park Restroom
Above is a picture of what the restroom in our park will look like when it is completed. It will be a unisex restroom with 2 entrances which will be on a time lock to make sure the entrances are locked at sunset and unlocked at sunrise. This is a standard procedure to help prevent vandalism and keep the vagrants out of our park. (Donít worry, you can only get locked out - you canít get locked in.)
Hello Mr. Wisniewski
I am thrilled to see progress on the Locklear Park, and I am eager to learn more about what is planned there (I live in the neighborhood). This area has historically been an important nature and wildlife area for the neighborhood, I hope plans are in place to enhance the habitat there as well as provide improved human amenities. Is there a map of the project I could view? I am excited to learn more, and participate as a neighborhood advocate, if appropriate. Thanks for any information you can provide.
Yours truly, Mike McLaughlin
Director of Horticulture
Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

I have attached an aerial showing the amenities that are being constructed at the park. The nature trail should be of particular interest to you. We are open to any interested neighborhood people who would be willing to help take care of this park. The trails are particularly susceptible to misuse by off-road motor bikes. People willing to adopt this area and help keep it as a nature trail are needed. The hope is that this trail could have interpretive signage and serve as a venue for educational nature walks by elementary students bussed to the site on field trips. I appreciate your interest in the park. Mickey Emberton from your neighborhood has been active in working towards getting this park constructed. You may want to contact her to form an active "adopt a park" group. It is critical that the new park not be vandalized. I have CC'd her on this e-mail message so you can communicate if you so wish. Thank you again for your interest in this important park project.
Bill Wisniewski
Planner, Sarasota County