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The boundaries of BTNA are: North = Novus Ct      East = West side of Lockwood Ridge Road and East side North of Wood St.
South = North side of Bahia Vista      West = East side of Brink

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A Few Words From The City Of Sarasota About “BEING A GOOD NEIGHBOR”
(Codes & Enforcement)

Neighborhoods and structures in Sarasota require maintenance to stay in good condition as they age.
The simple solution to maintaining good neighborhoods is your responsibility as the individual property owner or tenant.
The Sarasota government has created minimum standards for the betterment of your neighborhoods. These standards protect surrounding property owners and tenants who might otherwise suffer substandard conditions. This brochure has been developed to explain some of Sarasota's minimum housing and neighborhood standards. YOU CAN BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR by using the Property Checklist below to evaluate your property.

All Structures: Repair rotted wood, broken or missing boards, siding or shingles and make all exterior parts weather tight, rodent proof and sound. Exterior must be resistant to water and in good condition.

§ Exterior walls
§ Roof parts including rafters, trusses, soffit, fascia
§ Roof coverings
§ Railings on stairs, landings and porches
§ Fences

Keep housing safe, sanitary, in good repair and sound condition by inspecting both interior and exterior:
§ Walls, ceilings, floors
§ Plumbing pipes and fixtures
§ Windows and screens
Make sure that:
§ Address numbers are attached and are clearly visible from the street. Residential properties require 4-inch numbers. Commercial properties require 6-inch numbers
§ Insects and rodents are exterminated.

Mow the lawn so that grass, weeds or other vegetation is 10 inches or less in height on developed property .

Mow the lawn so that grass, weeds, or other vegetation is 12 inches or less in height on undeveloped property .

Mow to the edge of any paved roadway or street.

Trees over the public right-of-way and sidewalks must be trimmed up to a height of 10ft. Trees over the street must be trimmed to the height of 14 1/2 ft. above street surface.

Fences, walls, hedges up to a maximum of 6 1/2 ft in height are permitted in all residential zoned districts except in the Laurel Park Overlay district new fences shall not exceed 4 ft in height in the front yard.

On a comer lot in any zone district, a fence, wall, or hedge or structure shall not be higher than 2 1/2 ft above the grade within a 30-foot triangular area as specified by the criteria in Engineer Design Criteria Manuel.

Materials - Outdoor storage of materials not specifically designed for or commonly used outdoors is prohibited.

Motor Vehicles- Every motor vehicle parked in the City must be operable and must have a current registration and a valid license affixed to it, or it must be moved to a completely enclosed building or removed from the property within three days.

BUSINESS Activities:
Garage sales - 2 per calendar year for no more than 2 consecutive days, between the hours of 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Signs must be placed on private property only.

Home Occupations (any business conducted from your home) must be properly licensed and must meet strict criteria. Contact City of Sarasota Occupational Licensing at 954-4186.

Solid waste and recyclable containers shall be placed at curb or roadside no earlier than 5 :00 PM of the day prior to the regularly scheduled collection and returned to the side or rear yard no later than 8:00AM on the following day.

Discarded items that are allowed to accumulate that are valueless, or have only nominal or salvage value and are abandoned or left unprotected from the elements on public or real property are prohibited. Yard waste must be prepared properly for pick up.

Boats, trailers, motor homes, campers etc. maybe parked or stored in a rear or side yard but not in the front yard setback area. Please note that homes on comer lots have TWO front yards, and recreational vehicles cannot be parked in the setback area between your home and any abutting street.

The sale of motor vehicles is prohibited on property not zoned for this use. Motor vehicles for sale on vacant lots are prohibited unless the same person owns the vehicle and the property.

Carefully read the notice to find out what the violation is, correct the problem and do so promptly, You can ask for additional time provided you are making progress on the violations. Some of the problems may be serious and correction must not be delayed.

Simply call 954-4125 weekdays
between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM .

If appropriate action to correct the problems is not taken, there are several possible consequences. The City can arrange for property to be mowed, or a vacant open structure can be boarded up, the cost is then billed to you, or a Citation can be issued with daily running fines which could result in Liens against your property. If legal action becomes necessary, you will appear before the Code Enforcement Special Master to explain your case and ultimately fines and liens may be assessed.

On weekends the Code Enforcement department's answering machine is on. You may leave a message and the weekend inspector will return your call, or you may leave a complaint and it will be handled in a timely manor by the weekend inspector. Call 954-4125.

Thank You For Helping Keep Your City A Beautiful Place To Live.

Being a Good Neighbor

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