The Bellevue Terrace Neighborhood Association News Letter Sarasota, Florida
March 2010
Volume 8        Issue 1
Neighborhood Association Meeting - March 9th, 2010 at 7:00PM
Location: The Locklear Park Gazebo

Special Guests

Code Compliance
Question & answer session

Sarasota County Sheriffs


Meeting Agenda:

Annual Election of Officers

Code Enforcement Q&A

Crime Update, Q&A

Neighborhood Update

BTNA Board Members:

Mickey Emberton    376-5276

Betty Towne 724-2565

Don Peet    954-1740

Board Chairperson
Rebecca Quigley

Neighborhood Watch Chairperson
We need a volunteer

Chip McComas 953-4172

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Presidents Message:

Hope everyone had a nice holiday and I know we are all ready for spring time. Sorry we didn't have our neighborhood meeting in January as it was just too cold outside and it has been just too cold to schedule a meeting in February. I'm hoping that March 9th will be warmer for our meeting at the park.

Please make plans to attend the meeting on April 9th. We will be electing new officers for the neighborhood. We didn't get to do it in November because we didn't have enough officers present to vote.

A few things need to be brought to the attention of the residents. I know with the many foreclosures in our neighborhood a lot of people are now sharing their homes with others. We are a single family neighborhood and no more than four unrelated people can reside in a single home. Please make sure that you abide by the city code. The holidays are over and all Christmas decorations must be removed from outside the home by March 1st per our code compliance office. Also, PLEASE do not put items out for trash pick up until the day before the actual pick up dates. It makes our neighborhood look bad and dogs and other animals get into the trash. Trash can not go out to the curb until 5:00 pm the night before the scheduled pickup. This also includes furniture, appliances, etc.

There will be a city wide clean up on April 17th. There will be a dumpster in front of Locklear Park from 8:00am till 1:00 pm on that date for you to use if you would like to clean your garages out. I’m trying to get a hazardous waste trailer there also for items like paint, computers, phones, lawn chemicals, etc. I will have flyers passed out about the 1st of April with all the info. What I do need are some residents to walk the neighborhood and pick up paper, cans, and bottles and what ever has been thrown into the streets, We will have gloves and trash bag furnished by Keep Sarasota Beautiful.

Please make plans to attend the meeting on March 9th and I hope it will be warm enough for all.

Thank you and I hope to see everyone at the meeting in the park on March 9th at 7:00.


Mickey Emberton, President BTNA


Stay informed - visit the FDLE Sexual Predator/Offender website

There are now 18 (No change since Jan. '10) sexual predators/offenders within 1 mile and 248 (+15 since Jan. '10) within 5 miles of our neighborhood.

Offender Search:
The FDLE is committed to developing aand maintaining a sexual predator/offender database that the general public can access free of charge. You can search the database for sexual predator/offenders throughout Florida. Easily search by zip code, city or name. What will you find? A wealth of information including name, alias, pictures, address, offense, height, weight and moredatabase. Easily search by zip code, city or name. What will you find? A wealth of information including name, alias, pictures, address, offense, height, weight and more.
Predator Alerts:
If you want to keep a step ahead of sexual offenders/predators then you should register the address of your home, school, daycare or any address you choose to monitor. Simply register for free, and you will be instantly alerted the moment a sexual predator moves in or out of the vicinity.

*** Please slow down in our neighborhood
before someone gets killed ***

The speed limit throughout our neighborhood is 25 MPH. The average recorded speed on our streets for December, January and February is 38 MPH. There have been several reported "incidents" where a speeding vehicle has come to close to some of our neighbors while they were walking their pets, jogging, riding bikes and entering and exiting from the school buses. Several of these 'speeders' have been clocked in excess of 48 MHP and it appears to be the same cars over and over. The tag numbers and speeds of these drivers is now automatically being tracked, recorded and forwarded to the local police department, the FHP and the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Several of the offenders have been traced back to people living in our own neighborhood with most of them residing in the areas east of Lockwood Ridge.

Visit us on the web at

Do you have a local business and would like to advertise in our newsletter? Call Mickey at 376-5276 for details

Does anyone have any information, pictures, etc. on the history of our neighborhood that they would like to share in our newsletter or on our website? If so, please contact Mickey or Chip

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